When an injury or death could have been prevented, the pain seems even greater. Unfortunately, preventable accidents occur every day, changing the lives of the injured and their families. Whether you were injured on the railroad, in a railroad crossing accident, in a truck accident or by nursing home neglect, help is available.


At Bickham Law we can help you hold the negligent party accountable and recover the compensation you need to move forward.





To read more about what you should do if you are ever injured in a railroad accident CLICK HERE


If you were injured or a loved one suffered wrongful death due to negligent behavior, then you are entitled to full, fair compensation under the law.


Bickham Law represents individuals who were injured as a result of railroad accidents including:


  • Railroad Employees (FELA cases)

  • Railroad crossing accidents


The Texas personal injury attorneys at Bickham Law are dedicated and have successfully proven their abilities to stand up to railroads, trucking companies and insurance companies. They can help you fight for your rights and justice.

Railroad Accidents and Other Personal Injuries

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